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Collages of My Nightshade Series

Hello everyone!

Remember my Nightshade series? With Rosellia Rowland-Lovelace?

Well, I’ve got two aesthetic themes to introduce them to you!

Let’s start with my main character, Rosellia:


She looks great and fierce, doesn’t she? All the images you see do relate to her in some ways. 😉

Now, how about an aesthetic theme for the Nightshade series itself?!

Here you go:


All these elements will have a big impact on the events of the story or its essence.

I just want to point out it’s not a love story at its center, but a real adventure. However, romance and true feelings do play a large role since my Rosellia isn’t all nice and fair about it…

Also, I keep working on it and it’s going pretty well!

I’m almost done with the outline of the first book. All that’s left to do is finding out what the concepts really mean and how things work in the Nightshade world, then it’s time to draft and bingo!

Please note that I posted these images two weeks ago on my Twitter, but due to my computer breaking (yes, again) I couldn’t post them on here. I hate writing on my cell phone… The screen is so tiny as well as the keyboard. It’s just not for me.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, here’s my account!

I will post them on Instagram soon too. Here’s where it’s at!

Thank you for reading, lovelies, and I hope you enjoyed it!

See you next post.





Beta Books and Beta Readers (Tip + Update)

Hello, peeps!

I hope you enjoyed my last book reviews. As always, it’s a pleasure to read and give my opinions of them to you.

Don’t fret: I’ve also got news!

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I’m still a long way from publishing my Nightshade series; however, I now have TWO beta readers for my short stories and Nightshade in particular! One of them is my best friend, but don’t go thinking he’ll be soft with his critiques… Trust me, he’s not. And it’s a very good thing for me!

As a tip for you guys and gals, here’s what I use to manage the beta reading:

I found this cozy site months ago in its infancy. It wasn’t even open to the general public, imagine that! So I waited… But it sounded like such a great idea! So I waited some more.

Then, it opened. Admittedly, I didn’t sign up until two weeks ago because I thought they were charging even the basic features. I was surprised! You can still create a free account. Isn’t it neat?!

If you do, you’ll be able to upload ONE story and invite up to THREE beta readers and some “fancy” features are locked like the inline comments. Nevertheless, most of what a budding author needs is handled pretty well with the free account, let me tell you. If you go over the limits, you’ll enter the first paid subscription tier (which, I think, is reasonably priced, $14.99.)

Want to know what else you can do with a free account?


  • Track reader progress
  • Collect reader feedback
  • Reply and discuss feedback in-app
  • Triage and categorize with our feedback marking system
  • See all your feedback in one screen
  • One Book
  • Up to Three Readers

Again, if you want to test this lovely service, sign up at for a free account.

Did I mention all of the feedback given and received is private when you invite your beta readers?

See you next post, lovelies (it will be a book review)!


Updates on My Writing

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Hello, lovelies!

I hope I find you all well and happy. Several major updates about my writing are coming your way!

Let’s start:

  • I’m currently working on three poems I’ll soon send to a poetry journal in Ireland. The first two are nearly complete (only a quick revision and they’re done) whilst I still need to write the third one. But I should be finished at the end of the weekend, so I can send them next week. Yay!


  • Speaking of literature magazine, I’m working on a short story that I find rather entertaining and poignant. Once it’s done, I’ll send it to two Canadian literature magazines (yes, they do accept simultaneous submissions). I’m excited!


  • As for my main writing project, I’ve finally found the big plot and ending of my Nightshade series! Moreover, I’ve even got a few extra ideas about the settings, powers, creatures, worlds, etc. featured in it. I’m so powered up and I am working hard at writing it all down and revising (a.k.a editing) what I’ve already done! If I didn’t do that, let me tell you there would be major plot holes and stuff like that for my beta readers to… not enjoy, that’s for sure. Once I’m done revising the first 7 chapters, I’m going to… WRITE! YES!

Here is a picture featuring an interview with Rosellia’s father, Ryan Lovelace:

  • Surprise: I’ve decided to write a free novella for you! Yes, I’ll distribute it for free on via sites like Instafreebie, etc. once it’s ready. You’ll have nothing to purchase. Nada. Exciting, isn’t it?! I ran a poll on Twitter (The Novella Poll) in order to know which story idea between two I had people prefer. The answer was straightforward: the two of my poll participants voted for a retelling of Persephone’s kidnapping! Yes, the Persephone from Greek mythology. I’ve always been a huge Greek and Egyptian mythology nerd, so I was quite surprised and immensely overjoyed they chose that particular idea (I promise, I didn’t sway them! Otherwise, what’s the point of a poll?)

I intend on using a new angle—something we’ve yet to see done with Persephone’s kidnapping. Oh, and it’s not a romance story! I didn’t want to do what most of the other authors are doing with it. It’ll be more an adventure/drama story. I already have the main storyline, so I just need to come up with a few scenes and the outline, then I’m on my way!


I’ll keep you updated about all this, don’t you fret!

Pinky swear!

What do you all think of my progress?

Are you as interested in the free novella idea as I am?

Please tell me in the comment section!

See you next post, lovelies. Muah!


Merry Writing and Updates!

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick note to wish you a merry Christmas and best wishes!

Also, I have made huge progress with my novel Heaven’s Army: Down to Earth last week in terms of plot and characters. I will update you more when the holidays are over.

There are two or three book reviews coming soon too.

And the poetry workbook I told you about recently? Yes, I did write some of it! It’s coming together. I will tell you more when I am back from the holidays.

Again: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you next post!

Many Good Updates And NaNoWriMo (Will You Join Me?)

Hello, folks!

I’ve got a few good updates.

Let’s go through them, shan’t we?

I’ve renewed my account so it’s kind of a personal commitment to my writing journey. Thus, my writing portfolio stays online for everyone to enjoy. At least for another year.

New ideas for my main novel Heaven’s Army: Down to Earth hit me like bright flashes last week. Needless to say I wrote them all down! I have been tweaking them and working on the story’s timeline and plot surrounding these fantastic ideas. It’s coming together beautifully, guys and gals!

Moreover, I’ve been working on two short stories (for fun) and a few poems for my collection of poems.

I’ve also worked a bit on Arsonphobia (mostly the plot and the characters’ backgrounds).

Just so you know, I have been juggling a lot of projects lately and it’s become overwhelming to the breaking point. So I had to decide which ones I would focus on. Of course, I chose Down to Earth as my main novel and sweet Nightshade: The Death Stone as my sideline. Those are my biggest projects. I’m not saying I won’t add information to Arsonphobia or write more short stories, but they’re not my main works for now, that’s all. As for the collection of poems, it’s part of the most important ones, too.

Many events have been happening in my life (all at the same time, as usual), which made me re-think my career plans. In the end, I have decided to have a go at translation (like I was supposed to from the start) whilst still teaching English and Italian as second languages on the side. I’ll also try, once I receive my Bachelor’s degree, to get the English teacher position at the college in my region. If I do get it, well, I know exactly what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life (happily too and without putting writing aside either!).

Moreover, I learned and tried a new technique for character-building and it’s working pretty nicely. In fact, it’s awesome! I’ll tell you more about it on Friday. It’s really worth a shot.

Also, who knew? I am doing NaNoWriMo this year! Call me crazy for I probably am. Here’s my sweetie page: Nightshade: The Death Stone (NaNoWriMo Page)

I decided to enter with Nightshade this time around because even though Down to Earth is my main focus, I won Camp NaNoWriMo with the latter so I couldn’t enter and win twice with the same novel, right? I also love Nightshade with every fibre of my being, so it was the logical choice. And a right one at that feeling-wise!

I hope to see you on the NaNo site (please go ahead and add me as your buddy). The more the merrier in this crazy ride!

Last thing but not least, I’ll post two reviews in the next two weeks. So, you’ll get to read my recommandations (they are very good books!).

Thank you for reading as always and see you next post, lovelies!

The Queen of Justice – My First Published Poem


Hello everyone!

Today I have the most wonderful writing news to share with you!

You have been diligent and adventurous companions on my writing journey for years now. I have shared with you poems, short stories, and excerpts from my novels, my hopes and dreams as well as my temporary setbacks. I have always let you know when I participated in contests, classes, workshops, and the likes.

Though it seemed I wasn’t making much progress, today I haven been proven wrong. Why?

I have the pleasure of announcing to you, dear fellow adventurers, that I am finally published!


As of today, my poem The Queen of Justice is published on the lovely Selcouth Station Web site. Simply click here to read it (it’s free!) – I really hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to browse the site afterwards for there are other interesting pieces on there too.

Now, here’s that poem’s funny backstory: I started writing it in French over a year ago. Yep, that’s right. About two weeks ago, I stumbled on it again and I found the inspiration to finish writing it! I wrote a line here… then a line there… and I swear I was lying in bed and I just couldn’t stop writing it in my head! However, I was too tired to actually get up… so I took my phone off my nighttable and I wrote all of it on the tiny screen! But, ladies and gents, am I glad I did.

I have been aware of the Selcouth Station Web site for months due to my sometimes discussing with the team on Twitter (they’re very kind and amusing!). I thought: ”Hey, why don’t I translate this kickass poem into English and try to get published on Selcouth Station?!” I had high hopes because, in my opinion, it is my best poem yet. I wanted them to say yes so much!

Thank you Selcouth Station for publishing my poem, thank you!

I am so proud and I hope you guys and gals see the progress I’ve made. I might be as fast as a snail, but I am getting there. Thank you, fellow adventurers, for supporting me.

Again, if you wish to read my poem, here it is: The Queen of Justice.

Did you enjoy it?

If so, why?

What emotions did it invoke in you?

If not, why?

Thank you for reading, as always.

See you next post, sweethearts!


All Good News (When Does That Even Happen?! Party!)

Hello, dear adventurers!

I’ve got a few updates for you.

Okay, here goes:

Poetry and Book Reviewing

During the night (I’m a nightowl, you see), I finished a poem that’s been sitting in my drawer for over a year! The thing is… it’s in French. Mind you, it’s a beautiful language! But I was thinking: ”Hey, maybe I could translate it into English and submit it to an online platform/magazine?” And so, of course, I agreed to my idea. Let’s hope translation doesn’t ruin it.

On a side note, it must be said that winter book reviews is are coming. It’ll be quite eclectic, I’m telling you!

Writing Craft

Moreover, I recently found Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast and said I had no money to buy her book… which is true, but I bought it anyway!

Here it is:

image1 (2)

(This picture can also be found on my Instagram account.)

Once I’m done reading and reviewing it, I will create a new category on my blog titled ”Writing Craft Books & Resources”. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain what it will consist of now, aren’t I?

To Own or Not to Own?

I need your opinion: I’m thinking of monetizing my blog through owning a domain (the name of my blog would stay the same, only without the in it; it would simply be .com) and becoming an Affiliate to writing and books products. What do you guys and gals say?

Your opinion matters since you’re my readers.

My Writing News

As for my writing problematic (which can be read here), I’ve decided (let’s hope I stick to it!) to write and finish Down to Earth (Heaven’s Army pentalogy) and the Arsonphobia series.

Yay for me!

Also, I’m onto finishing a few short stories and posting some of them on my blog whilst I’ll submit to online magazines/platforms with others. How fun is that?!

Unfortunately, even this blog post has to end. But I’ll leave you (only for the next few days, mind you!) on a positive note.

Here’s a bit of backstory to the positive note:

Two days ago, I pampered myself and put some makeup on and a nice shirt (all in my favourite colour!) and played around with my camera. One picture really stood out: I thought I looked beautiful in it.

So, here I am:


See you next post, lovelies!