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Writing Apps on Android: A Review

Hello again, folks!

I promised you a review of two free writing apps available in the Google Play Store. Well, here it is!

Let’s start with World Scribe, my favorite of the two.

World Scribe by Averi Studios

Just like its name says, this app lets you build a world along with all the connections, concepts, characters it must have for it to be believable and great.

Positive points:

  • It is cute but simple and easy to navigate and create new files (or even worlds). There’s a big ”+” button for that need and it’s quite hard to miss.
  • We can add pictures!!! (I cannot stress this enough as I am one who loves casting my characters or even add a picture that resembles the place I am creating.)
  • There is a space for general information, the possibility to create memberships and roles to groups YOU create, residences (worlds), various connections such as relationships to one another or with a certain item, and snippets of information that do not fit in the bio.
  • A fact I particularly liked: it can backup to Dropbox! So even if you lose the app or it doesn’t work anymore for whatever reason, you can find all you need in Dropbox (if you backed it up once or more, of course).
  • There are different app themes which consist of five colors and even a night mode (the background then becomes black).
  • You can create as many worlds as you wish!
  • There is a search function in each tab (or category) if you ever have too many characters or else.
  • You can even create concepts about your worlds, items, characters, or whatever it is you want the concept to be about. It is fun to have this possibility because we know that there are many concepts in a world in order for it to feel real…
  • Last but not least, no ads!

You’re probably wondering where the negative points are… I am as well for I couldn’t find any! For an app, it is quite interesting and worth the downloading and installing bits. Now, you can have your worlds and basic character descriptions at your fingertips, wherever you are. Doesn’t this sound magical? It is! So, I give this cute and useful app a rating of 5 out of 5. I recommend it to everyone who writes! Even if you’re not worldbuilding, you can just enter the basic information of the real place your characters are set in and then expand on the relationships, groups, concepts, etc. Thus, you’ll have all you need to start writing on a whim on the subway or on the bus or anywhere, really!

Writing Prompts by Datamix Soft

This app gives you writing prompts for when your creativity fuel is running low or only to exercise your writing skills.

Negative points:

  • There are ads, which is annoying.
  • The interface is dark (bleh) and the pixels show; it doesn’t have a nice and beautiful finish feel to it.
  • There is a tab titled ”Writing Guides”, but when I click it, it tells me to download another app from them in which there are all of their writing guides. This would have been very interesting if it were integrated in the Writing Prompts app. Otherwise, one must use more download in order to get to them…

Positive points:

  • The prompts are fun and diverse. However, they are not precise enough with ideas – they’re more about techniques.
  • Easy navigation.
  • The ”Online Writing Communities” tab lists the 7 most popular writing communities you can find online along with short descriptions and direct links to them. I even discovered a few! This is, by far, the best point of this writing app.
  • The interface’s main screen is a fun space – it mimics a corkboard with the prompts written on a small piece of paper pinned to it. If only it weren’t so pixelated…

Unfortunately, I don’t really recommend it unless you want to explore the various online writing communities, that is. I give this app a rating of 2 out of 5 for the easy interface and the discovery of online writing communities.

Next up will probably be a book review or my review of K.M. Weiland’s outlining software!

P.S.: I’m so glad I re-read my last post because I had completely forgotten about my sci-fi short story… Don’t worry! I’ll get to it and share it with you in due time. Once the research and writing parts are done, of course.

P.S. 2: Also, if there are apps or sites you want me to review or anything you’d like to know, just comment and tell me! I’ll do my best to help you.

Will you try one of these two apps? If so, what did you like and dislike about them?

As always, thanks for sticking with me and see you next post!


Planning Ahead Before I Lose My Head

Hello, everyone!

This post is full of updates, so brace yourself.

I decided to let you in on what I would be posting these next three weeks. So here it goes:

  • A review of writing apps
  • A review of K. M. Weiland’s outlining program (I just bought it and I’m thrilled!)
  • A book review (or two)
  • A freebie (my very first sci-fi short story)!

Moreover, I’ll be sending submissions to online magazines (a first try at a narrative essay, wish me luck!) and short story anthologies. Is it normal that I’m both excited and nervous? Oh, and I’ll send a few of them to editing first! I’ll sure keep you updated about how it all goes.

Meanwhile, a lot of thinking has been happening in my head… I’ve always loved journalism and I noticed online magazines and newspapers are growing in numbers! So I figured I would go and take a journalism degree after my bachelor’s degree in translation. This way, I could write for the Web (in different languages, mind you).

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Yes, I thought so, too.

This is all for today!

See you next post, lovelies.

Image result for kiss bye gif

P.S. Do you have any tips for narrative essays? I’d like to know them since I’m quite a novice at it… Also, if you have any idea of what you’d like to see on my blog or just wish to have a discussion, please leave a comment!


An Intense Week (But One I Adored)!

Remember in the last post when I talked to you about how fabulous my last week has been?

Well, here are the explanations!

It started with a book sale organised by the local libraries. Needless to say, it was fantastic! There were surprise bags, which cost 25 cents, with 10 books in them. Outside of the surprise bags, the books cost 25 cents each, which is pretty cheap! Of course, I bought loads of them (24, to be precise) and a surprise bag. But guess what: I got the second volume of James Patterson’s ”Witch & Wizard” series, which I simply love!


(That’s me at the book sale ^.^. We were in an arena! Pretty fun and ingenious place, I must say.)

Then, a few days later I saved a dog. No kidding! Here’s proof:


Note: I do not own a Chihuaha, though I’d love to.

What happened? Well, I was in the car when I saw a little dog (her name is Bella) walking on the streets on her own. I was so afraid for her I got out of the car and ran after her, zigzagging between the cars (which would have run over her if it weren’t for me). I finally caught her and called to the phone number on her ID. Thank God for IDs. Everything ended well with me giving her back to her rightful owner. Isn’t that story just sweet?

I think so, too.

Also, I turned 26 this very week! Happy birthday to me!


(I love macarons! Mostly the raspberry and lemon ones. Yummy!)

P.S.: The reviews of the writing apps will be the topics of my next post. Stay tuned, fellow adventurers!


Get On the Apps Train, Girl!

Hello, folks!

I’ve had quite an exceptional week (birthday and all)! However, that’s not what I’m here for today. No, in fact, it’s because I stumbled into the Android apps world and… I just can’t get out!

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « help gif »

You see, I used to have 1G of Internet downloads per month, so I couldn’t really download nor use apps (I could only check my email addresses once in a while). But ever since I switched to 2G per month, my horizon has broadened!

Guess what I found? WRITING APPS! I swear I didn’t know they even existed. So, you can imagine me squealing like a little girl – in reality, I was bouncing on the spot.

Of course, I downloaded the essential ones (Audible, Audiobooks, Celtx, Wattpad, and Ao3). Unfortunately, there isn’t a Scrivener app for Android. Yet. I’m looking at you, creators of Scrivener.

Also, I downloaded a writing prompts app (simply called Writing Prompts – quite original if you ask me…) and an actual story-building and writing app called World Scribe. I thought: ”Hey! I could give them a try and write reviews on my blog in order to help other writers/authors!”

It’s exactly what I’ll do.

Stay tuned for my next post about those two writing apps!

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « see you soon gif »

(Because I just love the Hunger Games, okay? ;))

Off the Roller Coaster Ride (Updates!)

Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry for not having posted lately, but I have three good excuses and updates. I must admit that these last two weeks hasn’t been easy for me in terms of writing. In fact, it was my darkest hour, I would say. I was genuinely considering giving up writing altogether (except for book reviews). I was so desperate and sorrowful I had trouble going through my days. I kept thinking and thinking about my dreams, my stories, and how much I want them to be published. Then, quite unexpectedly, I found a few ideas for old stories of mine! Now, I can’t choose which one to finish writing between four stories! But it’s a problem I’m loving. This means my inspiration has come back somehow and even though my will is still fragile, it’s there and I’m holding onto it!

This brings me to something else that is writing-related: I finally identified the main issue in my stories. So, I bought writing craft books about it and I am reading them, hoping to fix this major issue soon. It’s silly and ironic, really, because I have always loved the villains in stories and preferred them over the main characters (except for Percy Jackson!), but the thing is I can’t seem to write a mean enough villain for my own stories! They’re always either too kind or thoughtful or they don’t really scare the reader or thwart the main character’s plan. See? But don’t worry, I am working on this and shall come back with an awesomely kick-ass villain!

On another note, I have just finished my legal translation class and scored an excellent grade. This helped me to decide that I’ll take a specialisation in legal translation, financial translation, and literary translation at the Master’s degree level. I am still at the bachelor’s level for now and guess what? I have only two classes left to take to be done with the basics! Then, my third and last year will start (it will be mostly about Spanish translation and review classes).


The last reason I was away is that I’ve been reading novels that I need to review this month. Thus, expect two reviews soon, my dears!

I shall post updates and news more regularly now, like I used to before these dreadful two weeks of what I call ”writing depression”. Thank you for reading as always and you’re wonderful companions on this journey!

See you next post, lovelies!

It’s Raining News… Hallelujah, It’s Raining News!

lfHello, everyone!

I have some good news for you all. Do you remember when I told you I started learning Greek a few weeks ago? Well, my full Greek kit just came in last week! I’m simply delighted at spending nearly all of my time learning Greek. So far it’s going quite well. I’ve tackled numbers and plurals, people and family, and some essential expressions (along with a bit of grammar). Today I’m onto the verb ”to be” and the expressions ”there is/there are”. All I’m missing is a dictionary, then I’ll be all set up.

Moreover, I told you I’d keep you updated about my short story for the contest so here I am. Yes, the one I got edited! I found the courage to work on it again today after two weeks spent avoiding it – wait for it – intentionally! Yes, intentionally. I was so afraid of not getting the sentences and words right, that I looked to every distraction. But I faced myself yesterday, telling myself that I would miss the deadline if I didn’t put my pants on and go back to it! And so, I took a shower and forced – yes, forced! – myself to sit down at the computer and write what needed to be written according to the editing. God, am I glad I did it!

My short story is now done! All that’s left for me to do is format it and write a cover letter following the guidelines I found in ”Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript” excerpt from the Writers’ Digest Shop. I give myself one week to do all this, then I’m off to submit my work to the contest. I’m so excited! I’m so near the goal I gave myself this year: professionally participate in contests! One click on Friday and… hop! I reach my goal of participating professionally. It is a huge step for me. And one I’m glad I’m not letting go of like I was doing these past two weeks by avoiding reviewing my short story.

P.S.: Two reviews are coming your way in a few days. One for an awesome teen & YA fantasy book and the other for a sweet lesbian romance.

P.S.2: I’m currently juggling between three ideas for a novel. It’s a tough choice! I’ll let you in on my decision when I’ve finally made up my mind.

Thank you for reading and being with me on this journey!

News that Gives Wings

Hello, everyone!

I’m feeling GREAT. Do you want to know why?
Oh, come on, we both know I’ll tell you.

Remember that short story I sent to my editor? Well, it came back to me two days ago. The red “track changes” feature in Word has been less prolific than I thought it would! I am pleasantly surprised.

I am slowly going through all the comments and fixes. It’s a learning process I simply ADORE. It makes me feel more professional and serious about my writing, too. Let’s admit it: entering an important contest after having your work edited IS professional.

I wish you, fellow writers/authors, to have your writing edited one day. The feeling is pure bliss. At least it is to me. I am quite proud of how I’m taking all this – on the positive side.
Thank you all for accompanying me on my journey to become an established author. It all means so much to me!

I’ll inform you once I’m done polishing my short story and sending it to the contest.

Meanwhile, be aware that I’ll post about three reviews in the beginning of April. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and discover new books at the same time.

Until next post, sweethearts!