Hello, everyone!

I think it’s time for me to become a beta-reader (or manuscript critique) for free. I enjoy reviewing books, but I want to help in building them so they can get better and better.

My beta-reading genres are fantasy,  historical (both fiction and non-fiction), LGBTQ+, YA fantasy (urban fantasy, too!), YA romance, YA psychological thrillers, YA dystopians, and YA adventures.

I read widely, hence the many genres. I offer a detailed report on every structural element of the book as well as elements of story-telling such as voice, pacing, characterisation, and many others. I give constructive criticism and never bash a work or its author to make a point.

Since I am a writer as well (mostly in the genres I beta-read!), I think I can offer you useful feedback and I understand quite well the structures required for a good story to work. I keep studying the craft through books and workshops, so don’t fear.

If you’re interested in my free services, please do contact me at or on Twitter. I usually get back to you within two days.

As for the length of reading and critiquing time, it depends on how many pages your book has (it’s usually one to two months as I’m a fast reader but I want you to receive the most constructive feedback possible).

Thank you very much for your time and happy writing!

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