The Author


Here you’ll find everything useful to both me and you for our journey together.

What is it, you ask?

My adventure to writing and publishing a book. Please, join me on it!

You will see tips about the writing process, excerpts of my current writings, short stories and poems will be available to buy in eBook formats as time goes by (possibly in prints too), and even reviews of your own writings. I shall also answer gladly to each of your question you might ask me through comments or the upcoming forum and my e-mail address.

I’m Catherine G.V, translator, editor and ESL teacher residing in Quebec, Canada. I speak 4 languages (French, English, Italian, and Spanish.)

My email address:

Come, don’t be shy, pluck up your courage and come with me on this adventure!

You won’t regret it and brace yourself for fun and discovery!

P.S.: Here’s a picture of me:



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