Well, Well… Look Who’s Not Stuck Anymore!

Hello, folks!

Remember I said that whenever there were news and updates concerning my writing I would tell you? Believe it or not, there are!

I’m psyched!

You know how I’ve been stuck with my novel (first in a pentalogy) Down to Earth for months now? I have finally written myself out of that infernal corner!

YES! That means I now know where the story’s going and more importantly what to do in order to get there. I just need to sit down and do the timeline of big events and relationships, but other than that I’ve solved the big issue. Isn’t it fantastic?!

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Also, my Nightshade series is very close to my heart and has quite a strong presence in my mind… You know where I’m getting at, of course. Because of that, I’ll try to outline and write the first book (Nightshade: The Death Stone) in that series at the same time as Down to Earth. Call me crazy… I’ll just say you’re right, but it feels so good.

Lastly, I told you a week and a half ago I had an idea for a novella. Whilst it’s still true, this ”novella” of mine seems to be expanding into either a full book or a duology or something of the like. I’m still trying to keep it at its current size, but really it’s counterattacking me to get bigger, so I’ll look at what to do with it. Moreover, I started researching (I’ve even got a notebook for that purpose!) fairies, Ireland, and the Seelie Court. I’m having much fun!

Although I don’t give myself deadlines when it comes to writing (unless it’s for a contest or a magazine), I am working hard on disciplining myself. It might seem odd coming from a woman who’s studying her bachelor’s degree in translation online (no, really!) and who needs a high level of discipline to succeed at it, but when it’s about my writing, I’m quite sporadic and spontaneous. I’m quite proud to tell you I’ve been writing every day of the last week, so it’s coming along!

And that’s all for today! Watch out for another book review this week. I’ll also keep you updated about my writing projects (those three main I just talked to you about!).

As always, thank you for being interested in what I have to say and accompanying me on my writing journey. It’s an immense pleasure to have you here with me.

Where is your writing at?

Is it hard for you to be disciplined for your writing?




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2 thoughts on “Well, Well… Look Who’s Not Stuck Anymore!

  1. ashleymanningwriter August 9, 2017 at 7:04 pm Reply

    I find it very hard to keep disciplined with writing. I did a degree in creative writing and honestly left the bulk of my dissertation til the evening before I had to hand it in. I also find whenever I get completely stuck writing something, that leaving it and coming back after writing something else helps. Good luck with your novels, it seems like they are coming along nicely.

    • Catherine GV August 9, 2017 at 11:45 pm Reply

      Aw, not you too! I have compassion for all those who have trouble keeping disciplined with writing. Oh really? Wow, it must have been fun though! Haha, oh no… the ”last-minute” syndrome. I already tried leaving my writing for a while… but never attempted writing something else in its stead. I should definitely try that! Your comment makes me want to figure out tricks and tips on how to be more disciplined with our writing. If I find some, I shall post them. Thank you very much! Indeed, it looks like I finally got the hang of them! I love my novels even more now (which I didn’t think possible). Also, keep up the good work! I went on your blog and you’ve got many writings on there – congratulations. It’s beautiful to see. Thanks a lot for commenting – it’s always a pleasure interacting with other writers. ^.^

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