Off the Roller Coaster Ride (Updates!)

Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry for not having posted lately, but I have three good excuses and updates. I must admit that these last two weeks hasn’t been easy for me in terms of writing. In fact, it was my darkest hour, I would say. I was genuinely considering giving up writing altogether (except for book reviews). I was so desperate and sorrowful I had trouble going through my days. I kept thinking and thinking about my dreams, my stories, and how much I want them to be published. Then, quite unexpectedly, I found a few ideas for old stories of mine! Now, I can’t choose which one to finish writing between four stories! But it’s a problem I’m loving. This means my inspiration has come back somehow and even though my will is still fragile, it’s there and I’m holding onto it!

This brings me to something else that is writing-related: I finally identified the main issue in my stories. So, I bought writing craft books about it and I am reading them, hoping to fix this major issue soon. It’s silly and ironic, really, because I have always loved the villains in stories and preferred them over the main characters (except for Percy Jackson!), but the thing is I can’t seem to write a mean enough villain for my own stories! They’re always either too kind or thoughtful or they don’t really scare the reader or thwart the main character’s plan. See? But don’t worry, I am working on this and shall come back with an awesomely kick-ass villain!

On another note, I have just finished my legal translation class and scored an excellent grade. This helped me to decide that I’ll take a specialisation in legal translation, financial translation, and literary translation at the Master’s degree level. I am still at the bachelor’s level for now and guess what? I have only two classes left to take to be done with the basics! Then, my third and last year will start (it will be mostly about Spanish translation and review classes).


The last reason I was away is that I’ve been reading novels that I need to review this month. Thus, expect two reviews soon, my dears!

I shall post updates and news more regularly now, like I used to before these dreadful two weeks of what I call ”writing depression”. Thank you for reading as always and you’re wonderful companions on this journey!

See you next post, lovelies!


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