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Two Truths Every Writer Needs to Read

Hello, folks! I’ve been reading a lot of writing craft books and magazines lately and stumbled upon two pieces of particularly good advice. Every writer needs to read it, if only to remind us of the important basics. I really hope this post will help you like it helped me. I unleashed my creativity and killed my fears and doubts with these advice.



So, for Advice Number 1, I quote James Scott Bell with the title of one of his books: ”Just write!” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s a lot harder than what it looks like because in a continuous search for improvement of our craft, we tend to forget what we longed to do in the first place: write. In fact, we read, we talk, we go to workshops, but we don’t write per say. Or, when we do, it’s sporadic – we don’t write everyday for we spend our time thinking of improving our writing through various ways! I love that advice because it enabled me to realise that no matter how good my intentions are, I’m never going to make it if I don’t actually write every day. I seemed to push away my love and desire for writing in order to hone my skills. Don’t do like me! It’s a surefire way to have you stop writing. You have to fight the fear of not being good enough, let your love of writing take over you and write. Repeat every day.

You want to know something personal? I did exactly as I said above, meaning I forgot how much I loved writing and exclusively tried to improve through reading, etc. The result? I didn’t write a work for three whole weeks… Unbelievable! I knew it had to change, but I was looking for a miraculous solution. Then I saw James Scott Bell’s book title and description, and laughed at myself. It was so easy! It was right there from the beginning! I plucked up my courage and this week I’ve been writing every day. More importantly, I feel great about it. Of course, I still read writing how-to books and do writing exercises, but I’ve learned how to keep it all balanced. You can do it too.

I believe in you.

As for Advice Number 2, I’ve read it from two published authors: ”Whatever you do, don’t give up when it’s hard.” Again, it’s so basic stuff we forget it. Especially when it gets hard. What we must do is find back a bit (just a bit will work) of our love of writing and hang onto it through the storms! I know negative thoughts and feelings will take a hold of you. But your job as a writer is to not let them stray you from your own path.

Here’s another piece of my life to show you: These past weeks were not easy on me. I think in terms of writing I hit rock bottom. Why? Because all I’ve felt like was giving it up altogether. No more writing, no more dreaming. I was so desperate. It was becoming real… until I read that ”don’t give up when it’s hard” advice twice. It shook me to the core. It’s a simple truth yet we need to hear it when we’re down.

So, I’ve followed both of these advice this week and guess what? I’ve plotted not one, but two stories at the same time! I’ve got numerous sheets of paper to prove it. I’ve never been so prolific! The advice were so simple yet crucial. When in doubt, tell them to yourself and cling to them.

Do it for the love of writing.

Just write and don’t ever give up.


A Pinch of Greek and Worldbuilding

Hello, folks!

I know it’s been a while but my life has been pretty rocky lately. But I’m here now, that’s all that matters. I wanted to let you know how hard I’m working on my novel Nightshade: The Death Stone. I am currently worldbuilding, yes! Not one world: four. And you want to know the best thing about it? It’s fun and going great!

Moreover, this has nothing to do with writing but I figured it’d be fun to share: I have started to learn Greek this week. It’s such a marvellous language! I printed free sheets about Greek and I’m practising. I’ll even order workbooks and CDs for it. I love learning languages: it’s thrilling! Just like an adventure. 🙂 Oh heck, it’s one! I already speak French, English (obviously), Italian, and Spanish.

So that was for my update ^.^

Thank you for staying with me! I love you, people!

P.S.: I am thinking of a poem I’ll soon write for you, guys. I’ll keep you updated about it too.