Monthly Archives: January 2017

Something New and Cold

I’ve got a little something for you today. It’s a poem. However, it’s quite a dark one so don’t expect anything uplifting or neutral. But to me, it’s one of my best works of poetry so far! Oh, I also meant to tell you that I shall be learning the proper way to write poems, such as sonnets, haikus, sestinas, etc. So I’ll post them online for you to see me grow into that lovely field that is poetry. Moreover, I seriously plan to make a collection of poems, which I have been thinking about for a long, long time.

Here is today’s poem. Enjoy!



Lowering my head to the side

In shame,

Your woe is clear through your crying out.


It has reduced you to a bawling lump,

Unattractive and pathetic,

Wounded and huddled up,

Blood continuously pooling around your mass.


It slowly flows to me,

Surrounding my body.

I wipe the blood off my feet

On the entrance mat.


Then, I lift them,

One after the other,

And walk out the miserable house,

Leaving you alone with your grief.


But I don’t care you see,

You never meant much to me.

With a disdainful grimace,

I glance at you one last time.


Your bloodied hand reaches up

Don’t you know you’re on your own?

You always were and always will be.


I put on my top hat,

My scoffing echoing in the night.

The air is as cold as my soul,

But I don’t feel anything at all.