This Isn’t a Writing Tip!

Hello, everyone!

I know I’m a day late. I had university work to do, I’m sorry. Today’s tip isn’t much a writing tip per say, but more of a tip to manage your time to write.

Do you know about bullet journaling?

If not, trust me, it’s worth it!

Bullet journaling is cheap. You just need to get a blank-paged journal, number the pages, and date it monthly and daily.

Here’s a short video (5 minutes) to show you what it is and how it works:

Once you have your bullet journal, it’s so easy to keep track of your tasks, events, and notes. I’ve been using it myself for the past week and gosh, I have never been this motivated to cross out a task! This also leaves you with a reasonable schedule in which to include some writing time. Thus, you can enjoy it and not be stressed about forgetting what tasks you have and whatnots. Daily life can be exhausting and I wanted a way to keep track of everything including my writing AND university. This way I can do both instead of being upset all the time. Bullet journaling is the best method for task and time managing I have found!

Although, this method is not bulletproof (oh, the pun!). What I mean by that is that you MUST fill in your daily and monthly logs, otherwise it will do you no good. But once you get the hang of it, it totally works.

So simple, yet so worth it (and fun)!

Don’t forget to decorate your bullet journal with pictures and stickers, or even drawings if you like! It makes it even more entertaining and unique.

What do you think of bullet journaling?

Do you want to try it out?



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