Ups and Downs and a Workbook Just For You

Hello, people!

I’m writing a short post only to tell you what’s going on. I’m still getting ready for NaNoWriMo, which is taking most of my time (I swear, if I could just—!)

Oh! There’s fun news: Remember that freebie I talked to you about?

Well, guess what? There’s ANOTHER freebie coming your way. Yes! It’s a workbook about how to create a vivid setting for your story. I’ll focus mainly on fantasy and sci-fi, but I guess you could apply it to any story. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

I hope everything’s going well for you. As you can guess, my day has been… rough. But let’s push that aside, shall we?

Now, tell me, what types of workbooks would you be most interested in having? Do you like my idea of giving you a setting workbook?

I’d love to read your thoughts!

Comment below, please. 🙂

P.S.: Remember to stay tuned for Friday’s writing tip!




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