A Whole New World! Wait, two?!

Hello again!

Two posts in the same day? Whoa, calm down, Cat!

There’s some news I want to let you in about. I didn’t tell anyone but I’m currently working on a TV show manuscript. Yup. ”You’re writing what we see on television?” Not yet, but yes, I’m getting there.

”At the same time as your novel?” Yes, I know, I’m crazy! But if I wasn’t, where would be the fun in that?

So, yes, I thought I needed to let you know because it’s a project that is dear to me too. Plus, I’ve found something fun!

If you go on http://www.screencraft.org and click on ”Screenwriting software”, you’ll have two different versions of the software. It’s like Final Draft, but cheaper because you can use it for free! AND you get incentives. I kid you not.

Here are the discounts and such:

The ecourses they offer are ”How to write a drama TV pilot in 45 days” (which I jumped on – at 50% discounted it was worth it and I’m loving it so far), ”How to write a comedy pilot in 30 days”, and ”How to write a screenplay in 60 days”.

So, for simply signing up and using their FREE software, you get an ebook to help you out and a 50% discount on their ecourses. In my opinion, it’s awesome.

Plus, their software is easy-to-use and beautiful.

Of course, you can choose the paid option (there are annually and lifetime paid options), but it costs a lot of money. I suggest signing up to try and feel the software, and you get the goodies! The ecourses aren’t that expensive, it’s less than $100 so with a 50% discount, it’s really tempting.

If you’ve always wanted to jump into the screenwriting wagon, this is your chance!

When I’ll know the title of my TV show (I’m still working on that…), I’ll let you know. For now I have the basic plot and theme. And one page of script.

if you’re not into screenwriting, it’s fine too! But it’s always good to know other options are available to you. I want you to bloom in writing! It’s so important. Every aspect of the writing art should be your priority.

At least it’s mine.

Oh, did I tell you? I found two free Steampunk ebooks and I decided to read them. It’s a whole new adventure into a world I like but I am not familiar with. Curiosity killed the cat, I know, but… It’s how I progress in life. 🙂 Moreover, there’s this Steampunk writing contest on Scribophile and I’m entering!

You’ll read more about how it goes as soon as the judging and reviews are in. The deadline is October 31st so you’ll have to wait a bit.

But still, I wanted to share all of these findings with you! I hope you find this entertaining, if not helpful.

See you tomorrow with a writing tip!


Catherine G.V.




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