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It’s All About Love

Indeed, everything’s about love! And so is this cute poem I wrote. It’s entirely different from what I usually write, which is darker and more mysterious.

In this case, it’s a poem about a young woman who’s head over heels in love with someone (may it be a man or woman, you choose).

You can find it here too.

As for my stories, I am quite confused… I don’t know which way to go anymore. Whether to keep continuing or start a new one.

I’ll tell you more next Sunday.

Let’s hope things are better then.

I wish you enjoy my poem! 🙂



New Weekly Read (Late, Sorry!)

Hello everyone,

I’m late again for the Weekly Reads. Sorry – I had quite a busy week. But here is a mysterious and sad flash fiction by Raphael Casthavian. And here.

I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

On a side note, I have already written this Sunday’s Weekly Read so it’s ready to be posted… on time. 😉

I also have good news. I managed to find a solution to my big problem with writing Down to Earth (remember?)! So now I am continuing it. 🙂 I am halfway through a new chapter. Neat, isn’t it?

I’ll keep you updated.

See you on Sunday!

Rebirth & Plot Holes

Hello, folks!

I forgot to post my Weekly Reads last Sunday. Sorry about that. But don’t worry! Here it is. And here as well. It’s a horror flash fiction this time – my very first try at horror. Enjoy!

Speaking of fiction, I am working very hard on my novel ”Down to Earth”. However, I hit a major plot hole that could change several things about the story… So I am trying to find what bits and pieces to go with and which to toss away.

Moreover, I will soon come back with other writing tips. Stay connected!

That’s it for the day!

Have a very nice day/evening/night.

Newly Posted

Hello, dears!

I’m making this post to tell you that there is a new Weekly Reads posted. 🙂 It’s a poem titled Sweet Mary about Mary, Jesus’s mother.

You can read it for free here and here.