Weekly Fun

Did I mention it’s free?

Whoa, there.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Me and my friend Raphael Casthavian have created what we call ‘Weekly Reads’ on our Websites. Every Sunday, starting today, we will post either a new poem or a flash fiction for you to enjoy for free.

Now, isn’t it fantastic?

I know, I know.

Here is my Weekly Reads page.

And here’s Raphael Casthavian’s page.

Note that we both post the same content on each page, just to be fair. 🙂

Also, go and sign up for my newsletter!

Thus, you’ll be the first to know of my projects’ progress (I send newsletters rarely – only on days where there’s major news, that’s all).

I hope you’ll have a good time reading this week’s Weekly Reads!


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