A Story Lightbulb

Yes, I’ve had a story lightbulb! What I mean by this is that I found back an idea for a fan fiction in my piles of sheets of paper and notebooks and decided to turn it into a short story of a few pages (about 50 or so). You’ve read well: a fan fiction. I won’t disclose the original idea as I don’t want you to think of it only as fan fiction. I figured to make a short story of my own because it was so different from the original concept – it was an AU, which means alternate universe.

Having created most of the characters’ backstory and new issues, I told myself I could stray a bit from the intended purpose (fan fiction) and make a good short story out of it!

I am currently fleshing out the characters, the plot, and the setting. It’s a homosexual romance with policemen. It sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Well, there is going to be romance, twists, and angst (a lot of angst) as the main character doesn’t accept his homosexuality…

I’ll tell you more about it as I write, okay? 😀

It’s going to be a fun adventure!

On another note, I have finished my first short story for Diabolical Plots’ contest. Yay! I only have to tweak a few things and polish it, then it’s ready to be sent. Moreover, I am in the process of outlining the second one because we can send two short stories for the contest. Yes, yes, yes!

I’ll tell you more about how it goes. Hopefully, I’ll be done outlining and writing the short characters’ profiles tomorrow. They’re two stories revolving around religion and how some facts are wrongly perceived. Interesting, huh?

Thanks for reading and following me on my writing journey!

P.S.: Please do comment whenever you feel like it. I’d love to talk with you.

See you next post!


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