Part 3/5 and a Surprise!

Hello there,

I decided I’d try to write on here today just to inform you that I’m currently planning the third volume in my Down to Earth series. I need to get to the fifth and last one.

I must admit it’s tough work, but a lot of fun too! I’m on a road map, discovering what are my next adventures. It’s exciting and breathtaking.

However, the third outline looks like a messed-up bunch of untimed events. Yes, it’s true… I still need to find the timeline for it. But I’m ready!

As for the surprise, well, I’ll have you know that I’m participating in Diabolical Plots’ short story contest! 😀 Yes, yes, yes. I’m in the process of writing two short stories that are centred on religion – one of my favourite topics. If one of them is accepted, I’ll win money and get published!

Isn’t it just great?

Wish me luck!

If ever I don’t win, I’ll simply keep my short stories and publish them in a collection about religion. Eh, why not? 😉

See you next post!



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