Another Milestone Reached!

Yes, you’ve read well. Today, I planned the second instalment of my series Down to Earth. Okay, you’ve got me: I’m not even done with the first one! So why did I go planning the second one (and currently am in the process of doing so with the third)?

Well, it’s simple. In an entertaining yet very helpful book about writing (which I got for free with Kindle Unlimited, yay!), the author said that in order to write a series, you must know exactly what happens in the other books and more precisely at the end.

I had a vague idea of the overall series and what she said hit home. Thus, I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper and wrote away. I must say I am proud of myself as I have discovered some neat events in the course of my series.

I yet have to plan the other volumes, but I feel as though I reached the next milestone. I am even more prepared to talk about my story and confident about where I am going with it.

Granted, I never liked outlines – I always felt they were too… tight. Yet I’ve come to realize I might need one for my series to work out perfectly. I believe what the author says about series: one must know exactly where they’re headed with their story or it will fall flat, mostly for a series in need of a defined ending.

Trust me, after all those years spent writing, I’m still learning.

Here’s the book (if ever you’re interested in reading it, which I recommend):  Writing the Fiction Series

Please, do comment with whatever book or tool you’re using in your writing! Thus, we could discuss them. 🙂

P.S.: Thanks for sticking with me.



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