A Good Start to Editing

Hamilton’s Power Editing for Fiction Writers! is an instructive writing tool. It contains several informative tips, including rhetorical devices (what they are and how to use them) and the number one tip to power up your own writing, which is considered by the author the best one. I have to admit that her advice is quite important on it, though. I’ve loved how punctuation was touched and that there were indications and examples (even some exercises to do) to make you better understand the topics seen. There is an author biography, an afterword, and even a list of interesting resources! She isn’t afraid of talking about other authors who have helped her in her writing endeavour, either from a reading a book of theirs or meeting them face-to-face. Hamilton’s book is helpful for any writers, but mostly indies as it tackles the topic of editing your own manuscript by yourself. Moreover, it’s a quick read much unlike all the other editing books I’ve read: it goes straight to the essential!

However, I’ve been personally bothered by her constant questions and expressions like ‘’I’ll show you (…)’’ or ‘’Are you still with me? Good!’’; these jumped out at me as condescending. Perhaps the author meant to entertain the reader and get close to us, but it feels to me as though she is a bit high on her horse, which is sad for the book is enjoyable. There are also a few missing words here and there.

Overall, I give Hamilton’s Power Editing for Fiction Writers! a 3 out of 5 rating. While the book is informative and gives you great resources, the never-ending ‘’haughty’’ conversations she seems to have with the reader really pulls out a lot of fun from the experience. Nonetheless, this book is a good way to start your journey into editing your own manuscript with more confidence and improving your writing.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.



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