Skeletal: A Bone-Chilling Tale

I have chosen to review Skeletal by Katherine Hayton.

Let’s start with the good sides. First of all, the idea of a dead girl telling us her real story while the scene unfolds is brilliant! It reminds me of the video game Murdered, where, as a ghost, you have to find your own killer. And it’s a great game, just like this novel. The book also offers different points of views and jumps from past to present with ease, leaving a few clues here and there, but never telling the whole thing. I simply loved how the mystery lingers, even though you get crumbs once in a while about what really happened. Moreover, I liked how the author wove the text so that we feel compassion for Daina, the poor bullied main character. Ms. Hayton writes the story in a way which makes us feel close to the character, as though she is directly speaking to us, telling us her story. It’s like she’s sharing a secret none else knows, and in a way, that’s the case for none knows the truth about her death but herself and the killer… I must admit this gave me chills down my spine and made me plunge deeper into the story. It was a very good and interesting idea to have her talk to us, readers. Plus, the author’s writing is fresh, making her characters stand out from each other and jump off the page. Lastly, the tale is a poignant one of bullying, and jumps from one shocking scene to another.

As for the bad sides… I didn’t really find ones besides some typos and mistakes. Perhaps an even more thorough proofreading job would be required as they appear often and somewhat confused me here and there.

Overall, this novel is a good and entertaining one, but mostly quite different from what I read so far (and I read a lot!). The lingering mystery and the manner with which the story is told (directly to us and from past to present and back and forth) are writing gems. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 for its richness. It lost one point for the mistakes and typos. I will talk about this book and recommend it without a doubt! However, I strongly suggest a better proofreading job for it to be an even more pleasant read.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.





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