What Does It Sound Like?

Hello, everyone !

I was looking for what to write today and I remembered something a kind reviewer on Writing.com told me a year ago. It was: ”If it sounds like writing, I re-write it.”

It’s a very good piece of advice.

Sometimes (mostly when I haven’t been writing for a few days), I find it difficult to get into the story mindset and find that everything I write is off the point. Well, this is exactly what the tip says: it sounds like writing! Thus, I have to re-write it better. It also works for blog posts and every kind of writing. Try it!

It’s been a long while I hadn’t heard such a good tip and I’m glad this person had told me. It gave me enough positivism to start back from where I left in my writing yesterday. Soon, my Thomas Lance’s background story is going to be ready, freshly re-written and polished. Thanks to those words, because I found my writing had lost its spark until this saying came back around in my mind.

Also, thanks to my mind for recalling it! Haha.

On this, I wish you all a very good day, and friends, remember: ”If it sounds like writing, re-write it.” 🙂 Because we all want a clean, polished, and smooth story to the eye and the mind.


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