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A Wild Translator/Proofreader Appears!

Hello everyone,

This is one of the rare times where I’ll promote myself. I’ve been working very hard these past two years to gain experience in my field. Now, I can proudly say I am a translator and a proofreader (I have a bachelor’s degree in translation). I speak French, English, Italian, and Spanish. I also write articles (blog posts, anything, really) and custom stories.

I work diligently and passionately. I always make sure to offer you an excellent product.

If you are interested in my services, please, do take a look at my Web site:

Contact me for any custom price.

My e-mail is

I look forward to working with you!


What Does It Sound Like?

Hello, everyone !

I was looking for what to write today and I remembered something a kind reviewer on told me a year ago. It was: ”If it sounds like writing, I re-write it.”

It’s a very good piece of advice.

Sometimes (mostly when I haven’t been writing for a few days), I find it difficult to get into the story mindset and find that everything I write is off the point. Well, this is exactly what the tip says: it sounds like writing! Thus, I have to re-write it better. It also works for blog posts and every kind of writing. Try it!

It’s been a long while I hadn’t heard such a good tip and I’m glad this person had told me. It gave me enough positivism to start back from where I left in my writing yesterday. Soon, my Thomas Lance’s background story is going to be ready, freshly re-written and polished. Thanks to those words, because I found my writing had lost its spark until this saying came back around in my mind.

Also, thanks to my mind for recalling it! Haha.

On this, I wish you all a very good day, and friends, remember: ”If it sounds like writing, re-write it.” 🙂 Because we all want a clean, polished, and smooth story to the eye and the mind.

To Do or – Oh, Wait, This Looks Fun!

I am supposed to write Thomas Lance’s background story excerpt today. However, I have this story of mine that keeps surfacing… It’s from a dream I had a year or so ago, and it really wants to be written.

I keep seeing the characters in action and the setting like a real movie in my mind! So, I’m torn between doing what I must for NaNoWriMo Prep and starting this new story.

Everybody knows what wins.

So, I’m off to writing the new story!

I already know its title, but I won’t tell you ;). A woman has to keep some things secret until the big reveal.

P.S.: A HUGE thanks to my followers. It means a lot to me to see that my journey writing is of interest to you. Please, if you want to interact, leave me comments and I’ll be more than happy to respond!

I Give You a Summary!

For NaNoWriMo Prep, I wrote a summary of my new novel from Miranda’s POV (one of my two main characters). Remember that it is subject to change, but so far, this is what it looks like (hope you enjoy!):

One day I dream of being a world-renowned boxing champion and the next I want to protect others. It all began when I was hanging out with my friend on a Saturday afternoon. A young criminal, Thomas Lance, attacked and frightened us. From that day on, I, Miranda Kane, swore to become the heroine the people need.

This is the story of how I almost lost everything by becoming Feather.
This is my story.

Write, Right?

Yesterday, I found a short story just lying there on my computer. I opened it and immersed myself in it – quite a fun time I had to discover this little gem again! I can’t tell you the working title yet or I’d spoil things (*spoilers!*), but I can give you one word which it includes: Ghosts.

Yes, you’ve read me well.

In addition to this, I have started writing a LGBT short story where two young women experience love at first sight. It’s a touching story with a woman’s real struggle toward her own acceptance and her family’s acceptance of her as a lesbian.

Those two stories share one thing in common that is usually not my area of expertise in writing: love. They are romance stories first and foremost. Funny at some points and poignant at others.

I really hope you will like them.

In the meantime, I need to complete my new novel outline along with its synopsis for NaNoWriMo Prep.

I’ll keep you updated!

Oh, Outline, Outline…

As you probably have guessed from the title, I’m currently outlining my new novel in the NaNoWriMo Prep, titled The Stranger: The Rise of a Heroine.

I have the beginning and the middle, but the ending has yet to be found…

I’ll update you when it’s complete!

For now, I’ll need a

Divine move

P.S.: Dylan O’Brien is my faceclaim for my deranged Thomas Lance, one of my two main characters. I think he has his potential and energy, along with his ense of humor, which clearly show in his roles.

Thank you, Dylan, for being my Thomas’ appearance and source of inspiration along with my imagination.

A Heartbreaking Goodbye (Miranda’s Background Excerpt)

In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I wrote a background story for Miranda Kane, my main character in my upcoming novel. Here it is (hope you enjoy!):

”No! No, daddy!”

She couldn’t stop crying. Her small hands were trying as best as they could to grab his shirt to make him stay. She had heard her mommy and daddy arguing and had eavesdropped on them, only to find out her daddy had already packed his stuff in a big suitcase. Miranda screamed and tears ran down her face while her mother sobbed beside her, her hand curled up under her nose as she stared at her husband.

She looked up, barely seeing anything through her eyes filled with tears. Her mouth was twisted in an ugly grimace, her heart beating hard against her chest. How could this happen to them? What was wrong?

”Daddy, don’t go!”

Upon her exact words, she saw her daddy shake his head and walk away, holding his suitcase tightly as though it was the only thing he had left in this world. And it was.

Her mommy burst into tears and slammed the door, crumbling to the floor. Miranda had just enough time to scream her lungs out and hold out her hand to try and reach her daddy before he turned the corner and went out of their lives forever. But she hadn’t made it in time and the door closed in front of her. The little girl was shaking with heart-wrenching sobs. Her mommy, crying, wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug. Miranda knew, deep down, that it was only her and her mommy now.

And she was right for he never came back.