Let’s… Let us not, after all.

We will talk about the biggest problem besides writer’s block that writers face every day: yes, procrastination. It’s like the devil in disguise because while we enjoy doing other activities, always putting writing to later, it’s not actually beneficial to us. It’s like instant coffee: it’s a lie we love to tell ourselves.

I have found tips to vanquish procrastination. They aren’t numerous, but they’ll have to do. The first one is a bit twisted; it consists of making you feel quite guilty about not writing while you’re doing your other activities. This one is hard and painful, but necessary I have found.

Then, you have to remind yourself of it, constantly. Place post-it’s around the house, saying ‘You should be writing’, a note in your agenda (if you have one), etc.

When you’ll be sick enough of it, trust me, you will sit down and write a bit, even if just for a few words or sentences. It’s starting; procrastination is slowly losing.

As for the final tip, there is nothing better than to actually DO! This is the most difficult point and yet the only one really worth it. I have noticed that since I stopped other activities to write and focus on my priority, I have never been better! Things are falling into place and my general feeling has improved. I now feel content.

I know procrastination is a hard one to break, but it’s worth it. Pluck up your courage, grab your will, and DO it. Do it for yourself; it’ll be one of the best things you could have done. All the rest will soon follow. That poem you wanted to publish? Done. The story you’ve been putting off for too long? Done.

Doesn’t it feel great? Fantastic, even?


You’ll see how everything then falls into its proper place. I love it now and wouldn’t live without it. I battled procrastination for months and finally won. You can do the same.

So go on ahead and DO it.


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