Where to Write for a Living

Writers often look for online jobs and often end up underpaid. However, I have stumbled upon a Web site a while ago that is different from the rest. It is titled ”iWrite” and says it all: You write.

There are two ways to get into the Web site. First, you sign up as a writer. Then, you need to do a few articles before getting to the next rank (there are four in totals, each with its increased payments and advantages). Having reached the ultimate level, you can even get paid $70 for ONE article! Think about how much a day of writing could earn you. That’s right: a lot.

Second, if you want to order articles, you may sign up as an employer and give your order depending on the payment you are willing to make and the description of your needs.

All in all, iWriter is a wonderful site. I used to write for fun… now I write for fun & money! It’s possible for you too! Just sign up here and get started on your own journey: http://www.iwriter.com/affiliate/276382

P.S.: If ever you need help or guidance, please, never fret to leave me a message. I’ll gladly help you! 🙂


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