An Emotional Flash Story (Writing Prompt: ”I’m going to be a star.”)

‘’I’m …going t-to… be a s-star, Laney.’’

Coughing blood and numbness gradually taking over his body, Nathan still wanted to make that important point matter. It was mostly all he had ever lived for – being a star. Hands trembling and the red liquid running down his mouth to stain his shirt in every way possible, the 13-year-old boy tried his best to smile, both wanting to soothe his sister and himself. He was feverish, lying on the cold ground, probably the pavement (he didn’t really remember…). He couldn’t feel his legs, as though they had been removed, but caught every sobbing echoing near him as well as his sister’s arms locked tightly around his body, her tears falling onto his whitening face. He was so tired… so tired. His eyelids carried the heaviness of the world. But he didn’t mind, not now, no… Nathan’s gaze fixed upon the fading sky, he smiled proudly and nervously – his biggest moment was here, he knew it. A star-shaped beam of white light just like the spotlight of a scene appeared before his eyes, but he wasn’t afraid. With a feeble ‘’I told you…’’, Nathan’s world turned black and his body went limp, exhaling his last breath like a comedian utters his last line, bowing to his fans for the play was over – his life, a Greek tragedy. The people massed around him were his audience, the car, a mere problem to make the story move forward, to show everyone what he was, and the sobbing turned into praise and applause.

They had come to witness the rising of a star.







Catherine Girard-Veilleux

Copyrights, All Rights Reserved.


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