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Jehovah God: Poems to Light the Road to Everlasting Life by Tommy L. Thomas (Book Review)

The actual book


I have not been displeased!

This book not only touches one’s soul deeply, but also acts as a presence of God, as if He were patting you on the shoulder, whispering things you needed to hear once again… It can both uplift your mood and make you cry.

Now, I have to say I usually don’t like this sort of books, not because it is bad, but because it makes me feel like the teacher’s pet towards God, although I am a believer and love him. Nevertheless, these last 4 years haven’t been easy on me, particularly that last one, despite everything I’ve been through; I was born with heart malformations and had to undergo a major surgery at 4, then a year later I received a pacemaker that I had to change at 16 (it happens every 9 years). I’ve been told I am quite courageous and always believed God genuinely wanted me back on Earth, after pushing me back into my body thrice on the surgical table. However, I’ve had my best friend die 4 years ago, suffered from many abandons during the same year, horrible heartbreaks, then one of my greatest aunts died, many changes in my life occurred as well as troubles with my father, then another one of my aunts died, my grandma and my favourite great-aunt got dangerously sick. All of this leading to a huge migraine that left me without any memory of my life and impairing me to walk and talk sometimes, suffering from huge pains; I have nightmares, I sleep 3 hours at night when I’m lucky. All of this for 1 year… Let’s just say anger and sorrow have been dining at my table since then. They crashed down my party. I am such in physical and emotional pain and keep talking to God for help and explanations that when I saw the book title, with poetry (what I adore!), I deemed it as an answer and just had to take it… And I am not disappointed!

You see, many who write positive things never really experienced what I lived or dismay deep enough for me to feel compelled and ready to believe them and what they preach. However, in Thomas’ book, we learn he’s been through horrible times as well – differently, you may say, but it has still a huge weight on it (congratulations for having overcome it, by the way! – from another fighter) and that made it all the more touching and his words true and piercing. I won’t lie: I’ve gone to angry, to crying, to grinning. I was battling my own demons when reading it, but I must say it did answer most of my questions… because even though the main topic is God, not only does he vary it, he also dares explore other areas such a Jesus’ crucifixion and his own difficult times, which makes it all seem the more human to me (and a big victory on his side, I must say! Because otherwise I get bored and I got strayed from that monotonous path ;)) I’ve never been fond of Jehovah’s Witnesses seeing as, from what I’ve heard, they would have let me die due to my needing blood transfusions. But, I pushed it aside for the talent and art of this book, and only focused on God and the meaning.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw it holds is one I despise above all: grammar mistakes. Here, he doesn’t conjugate the verb at the right tense, which makes it sound weird and forces you to re-read. There, he confuses ‘’its’’ for ‘’it’s’’ and the possessive for plural and vice versa. His choice of words is sometimes both amazing and redundant. Also, he mainly uses capital letters whenever a pronoun is related to God, but I’ve noticed some of them got forgotten along the way… A few poetry lines are too long when the last words should have been the start of the next line instead of the end, which grows to be boring and confusing. A few times it sounded too teacher’s pet for me, but was still inspiring, despite the many uses of the same words here and then…

Overall, I really do believe the author should have paid for an editing of his book. Despite all of that unpleasant grammar problem for the trained eye, the book is worth reading and holds many truths as well as being a real roller coaster ride of emotions, trust me. Moreover, his knack of ending sentences with a rhyming verb, mostly in a question, instead of starting with it is fantastic and ingenious! It is quite interesting. Speaking of rhymes, I just love how Thomas made the best use out of them, despite some redundancy (poems have to rhyme for me to be considered good, even enjoyable). His poems are also tinted with questions, which make you introspect and ponder over the words’ meaning as well as how maybe God perceives it all – this is a tactic I am fond of, as if the poem you are reading is actually interacting with you, not only waiting after you to be read, quite a charm, really! That is not all! I greatly appreciated his daring and courage with his work titled ‘’The Last Three Steps and Last Breath of Jesus Christ’’ my favorite poem of Jehovah God since I wasn’t expecting a turn of point of view from God; it was a delightful experience, although genuinely heart wrenching (in a good way) and new. I enjoyed the boldness of the author with such a topic and the chosen words to express Jesus’ thoughts, purpose and life left me speechless. Also, I found his sharing his pains some kind of a ‘blessing’, because most who write such things usually don’t have what I call ‘’hard times’’ whereas most of my life is one, which makes all of his words even more touching and true. The page called ‘’Faith’’, which describes many situations of everyday and troubled life where our faith plays an important role and it feels genuine, forcing you to think about it and agree (it made me smile because this is something I believed in even before reading it, yeti t was amusing to see someone sharing this belief). Finally, the ending (‘’Scriptures to Lift Us’’) is just of a surprising good taste and a thoroughly great idea that won me over and is a must to read just for the sake of it:  the author provides us with a list of excerpts (mostly on where to find them) from the Bible, related to different problematic and painful situations our lives can be made of (I found about 7 topics of high relevance to me in them). It is much thoughtful and caring – I had never seen this before.

If one asked me about this book, I’d tell them the best of it and say that if they need help or reassuring, genuine emotions, then to read Jehovah God:  Poems to Light the Road to Everlasting Life. It’s as if God is holding your hand whilst scrolling down the pages, murmuring to you with a smile, or a serious face, telling you:  ‘’Here, this is what you’ve been looking for – answers.’’ It’s as if you’re accompanied during that time by someone sincere and loving, yet authoritarian but with a good and greater will than we know of.


– Reviewed by Catherine G.V., a.k.a Ad Librum Aeternam.