Surprise in stock!

Hello! Don’t worry, my writing tips will be back soon. I’ve just recently been caught up in deeper studies, you see.

However, I do have good news for you! Not only am I doing book reviewing now (found a few jobs here and there! Yes, it is possible! I might make a post about that to help you all out), I am also preparing a Halloween Short Stories Special! You’ve read well.

I’ve started having ideas about it, thanks to my great love for that amazing holiday that is Halloween! I’ve already written a few sentences and the main plots. However, it shouldn’t be ready for this year (unfortunately, it’s too tight of a schedule for me to get it ready yet), but I’ll do everything I can to get it polished and available next Halloween. Plus, on the way, I’ll leave you some bread crumbs to follow me to the villainous witch’s candy house ;)… Excerpts and perhaps even one of the short stories in them, just to give you a preview!

Would you like it?

I’m sure you would!

If you have any comments, questions, or just want to express your enthusiasm, please, write a comment at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

I’ll keep you updated about The Halloween Project.


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