Book Reviewer?

I have recently entered my second year of my Bachelor’s degree in Translation (yes, yes!) and been in the process of classifying my poems and finding potential publishers for my novels to come – no, no, I wasn’t lazying off, haha! And yes, you will probably get a few samples and excerpts, of course.

What a glorious surprise I had, though, when a new book publisher (thank you, Book Hub, by the way!) followed me on this account! While I still want to write my own things, I also want to make myself some publicity (what freelance doesn’t want to?), and I stumbled upon their request to find book reviewers! I might actually try it, as I’ve always wanted to review others’ works and enjoy good stories. Plus, it does make you some publicity in the field ;)…

What do you think?

Here is the link for all of you who are interested. Give it a look and maybe you’ll be curious enough to try it – we never know where things can lead us sometimes… An opportunity or a hobby? 🙂

Book Reviewers – Wanted


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