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Surprise in stock!

Hello! Don’t worry, my writing tips will be back soon. I’ve just recently been caught up in deeper studies, you see.

However, I do have good news for you! Not only am I doing book reviewing now (found a few jobs here and there! Yes, it is possible! I might make a post about that to help you all out), I am also preparing a Halloween Short Stories Special! You’ve read well.

I’ve started having ideas about it, thanks to my great love for that amazing holiday that is Halloween! I’ve already written a few sentences and the main plots. However, it shouldn’t be ready for this year (unfortunately, it’s too tight of a schedule for me to get it ready yet), but I’ll do everything I can to get it polished and available next Halloween. Plus, on the way, I’ll leave you some bread crumbs to follow me to the villainous witch’s candy house ;)… Excerpts and perhaps even one of the short stories in them, just to give you a preview!

Would you like it?

I’m sure you would!

If you have any comments, questions, or just want to express your enthusiasm, please, write a comment at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

I’ll keep you updated about The Halloween Project.


The Second Milestone

I am proud to say I now start my journey as a new book reviewer! 🙂

I took the opportunity that came my way and chose the book I’d like to read, which I received two days ago. I am as excited and enthusiastic toward this as a child receiving a birthday present. Surprises to discover!

Remember my previous post? That’s what I’m talking about.

I shall give you updates as to how the process of it goes, how it makes me feel and such.

I have chose this book to read: Jehovah God: Poems to Light the Road to Everlasting Light 

Now, now, some of you might go ”errr, dull/cheesy” and others ”well, this is different”, but really, don’t. There are two reasons I’ve decided to pick this one – at first, I was looking for an adventure novel, imagine that!

1- I have hard illnesses (yes, more than one, sadly!) and it’s worsened a year ago. It’s plain, not to make a pun but, Hell. I suffer everyday beyond belief and, want it or not, I kind of lost faith and hope in life… which is horrible seeing as I’m such a passionate woman! I used to simply adore the concept of being alive (despite difficult cardiac problems I was born with). And I kept praying and asking for guidance, help and more hope… a reason to hang on. More than ever. You don’t need to be a believer to relate or understand, just respect me. But, as I was scrolling down the choices Book Hub Inc. gave me, I stumbled upon this. A direct message to my prayers?! I think so! So, why was I to avoid such an obvious call?… Usually, I don’t read such books, not because it’s bad, but it’s not my usual style, let’s say… But since I find myself feeling helpless and in pain, I figured this was just my answer. Something sent my way to help me and I clicked on it.

2- Believe it or not, I ADORE poems! I’ve always loved poetry. 🙂 It was almost staring at me in the eye, provoking me as whether I had the wrong idea of not choosing it or following my curiosity and common sense…. Because, like I said, I had asked for help… And isn’t it weird it appeared to me in a form I simply can’t resist (poetry), when I expected it the least (in a book reviewing program!… I was expecting novels and such!), and only a week after I kept screaming at the sky to hear me? Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

God (or energy, or cosmos, whatever you believe in) sends messages and answers in peculiar, yet subtle or obvious ways… You just need to open your eyes wide to really see them. This time, I chose to thank Him and listen to his advice when picking this book, which I’d have never done before (I prefer adventure, crime, science fiction and such themes).

”Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore, from the Harry Potter series.

One of the hardest quote to make happen in real life, and yet one of the most important.

On this, be aware I’ll keep updating this reviewing of mine as the experience goes by! 🙂 I’m so eager to start reading and take notes.

I want to thank you for deciding to accompany me on this writing journey – you won’t regret it!

Book Reviewer?

I have recently entered my second year of my Bachelor’s degree in Translation (yes, yes!) and been in the process of classifying my poems and finding potential publishers for my novels to come – no, no, I wasn’t lazying off, haha! And yes, you will probably get a few samples and excerpts, of course.

What a glorious surprise I had, though, when a new book publisher (thank you, Book Hub, by the way!) followed me on this account! While I still want to write my own things, I also want to make myself some publicity (what freelance doesn’t want to?), and I stumbled upon their request to find book reviewers! I might actually try it, as I’ve always wanted to review others’ works and enjoy good stories. Plus, it does make you some publicity in the field ;)…

What do you think?

Here is the link for all of you who are interested. Give it a look and maybe you’ll be curious enough to try it – we never know where things can lead us sometimes… An opportunity or a hobby? 🙂

Book Reviewers – Wanted

Grandeur and Might to the Writer’s Rescue

You know how sometimes, despite our persistent Writer’s Block, we try to force ourselves into finding ideas and then become depressed, even angry when nothing’s come up?

Or how even sometimes we do not suffer Writer’s Block, but are just too exhausted, crumbling under problems or mind states?

Well, here’s a genuinely strange way to uplift your mood and make ideas blossom that I’ve had the pleasure to experience many times before sharing it with you – I love to give accurate information: a PlayStation advertisement. Now, don’t go and say this isn’t relevant to our case because it is, trust me. Being quite the gamer I am, I stumbled upon this new ad for a console that is dear to me. Not only did I enjoy its image quality, the music is in itself empowering and so is the whole speech, plus the acting, the man’s bearings, his connivance with you and his tone of voice simply subjugate you and make you even believe what he’s telling you is true – because, well, it is! That is, also, taking into account the imagination, truth and action of one of the best ads I’ve ever seen.

Now, now, I know some of you will argue saying ”yes, but it’s an AD, how is an ad going to help me write?!” or ”It’s for video games! There’s no way it can be relevant to writing!”, but you’re not winning.

Why, you ask?

Watch it once fully, then you’ll understand. Thereafter, simply press ‘play’ again and open Word, never looking back at the video. The music, words and meaning will simply rise up in you, making your blood boil, your face lighten up and your ideas blossoming quickly so you can harvest them with your text editor and beautiful words. It’s like a clean high for a minute – if you need to, just press ‘play’ again and nod throughout the video as it reaches your ears. It’s as if this precise ad aims at our feelings and emotions of grandeur, making us, writers, feel almighty and realize even more deeply that, indeed, we are gods when writing, reading AND playing video games – do you see now the relationship? Everything we do or decide comes true in these stories. Why? Because we can and want it to. It’s as simple as that.

Now, go! Watch the video and enjoy the boost of energy, joy, optimism and realization it gives us (even the title is greatness-spurring ;)):